Yes, we know the "P" in silent. But so is the green, efficient ultra-pneumatics (highly compressed air) used to move you down the road and over obstacles.


Add just a little or a whole bunch of power to your daily commute or weekend offroad excursion. Don't be shy,  we said its OK.


Keep the bike you love. 2ndwind™ laces into your existing front or back wheel and only adds 2-lbs. You also get a sexy carbon fiber air tank to show off.

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A few glamour shots of the prototype unit for demonstration at the Venture Acceleration Fund.


This little baby won us $60,000 from the LANL VAF and NW Regional Development Council.


The prototype was installed on a 29-inch MTB tubeless wheel and used for development testing.

In the News

NuAira and the 2ndwind™ Ultra-Lite Pedal Assist (ULPA) were featured in a story by the Albuquerque Journal and Rio Rancho Observer newspapers. The authour, Lee Ross, did an amazing job capturing the technology, usage and future of the innovative hub. Click the file below to read about us.

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Trever Skilnick, holding the wheel, and Aviad Cahana in their workshop in Rio Rancho are showing off their invention: a tiny air motor that can help cyclists on long hill climbs and other obstacles. They designed the motor after a mountain- biking trip when Cahana, the more experienced cyclist, pulled far ahead of Skilnick on the uphill climbs. (Rio Rancho Observer—LEE  ROSS photo)

NuAira duo create air-powered motor for extra ‘umph’ - ABQ Journal article on the 2ndwind™ Ultra-Lite Pedal Assist (ULPA)