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NuAira Inc [pronounced: New-Air-A] is a New Mexico start-up company dedicated to novel products utilizing renewable energy – the first using ultra-pneumatics.

NuAira would like to establish advanced manufacturing in and shipping to global markets from New Mexico.  The first product based upon ultra-pneumatics is the 2ndwind™ Ultra-Lite Pedal Assist (ULPA), which will mobilize the future.

The company has been self-funded by the founders up to this point to complete the design, R&D, develop the prototypes. NuAira will make a difference by bringing more people into cycling- whether it be for recreation, errand running or commuting. Doing so will not only benefit the cycling community, but will also bring the added benefits of a healthy lifestyle and a cleaner environment for all.


NuAira is well supported by a seasoned team of proven business leaders and product development specialists.

Trever Skilnick has demonstrated innovation and leadership in conception, formulation, advancement, and management of comprehensive, privately-funded initiatives in product design and alternative energy. Trever was the co-founder and CEO of Advantage Engineering, a product acceleration company for the automotive and consumer product industries where he established himself as category expert in organic product development, boutique manufacturing, global supplier development and specialty fuel technologies. He has directed product development and validation at top-tier companies including Ford Motor Company, Porsche, Teleflex and Harley-Davidson. His leadership at NuAira as CEO will be well used as the company develops new products, establishes manufacturing operations and introduces new products to the marketplace.

Nancy Skilnick has managed operations for technical companies in the past, including office operations for Fisher-Unitech Inc in Detroit, MI and its three satellite offices in Chicago, Cleveland and Grand Rapids. In 2002 she founded AEC with Trever, and led the company as its President from a start-up to a global enterprise with clients in North America, Europe and Asia. As the Chief Operating Officer of NuAira, her focus on streamlined Operations and extensive record keeping will ensure NuAira's sucess as it increases its market share in North America and expands to Europe and Asia.

Dr. Charles Call is a recognized leader in the development of advanced technology and has led numerous companies as CEO and CTO. He is a member of the New Mexico Angels investment group and is a trailblazer within the Southwest entrepreneurial world. As Board Advisor to NuAira, Dr.Call is ensuring the highest standards of business are upheld, and is helping to steward the technology through the intellectual property process. Prior to joining NuAira, Dr. Call founded MesoSystems Technology, Inc. as a spin-out of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in 1997.  Charles has previously served as an Adjunct Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Washington State University.  MesoSystems was acquired in 2005 by ICx Technologies, which was itself acquired by FLIR Systems in 2010. He is an inventor on over 30 issued US patents and numerous related foreign patents. 

Dr. Richard Aagaard is the world leading expert in casting design, simulation and foundry development. He holds a Ph.D in Foundry Science and Mechanical Engineering from Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (Denmark Technical University), and Dr. Aagaard is the Foundry Director and New Business Development Manager for Dansh Skalform near Copenhagen, Denmark. Previously, he was the Executive Casting Specialist at Grainger & Worrals, leading the rapid prototype and production castings for the likes of Bugatti, Volkswagen and Tata Motors. His experience has been instrumental in the design-for-manufacturing and cost analysis of the NuAira components, putting his years of experience into creating a mature, optimized product early in its development. Dr. Aagaard is looking to introduce the 2ndwind™ Ultra-Lite Pedal Assist (ULPA) to European markets to meet the overwhelming demand for economical and ecological micro-transportation.

Aviad Cahana has accumulated 20-years of professional experience in scuba diving and compressed air systems. Aviad is a consummate innovator, evolving the status quo of technology with each endeavor. On top of the credentials above, Aviad is an experienced cyclist who traveled around the world for 16 months on a bicycle.

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The global market for Bicycles is forecast to exceed US$77.7 billion by the year 2015. Key factors driving market growth include growing popularity of cycling as a preferred leisure activity, increasing environmental concerns over greenhouse gas emissions, rising fuel/energy prices, and increasing emphasis on health.


The US Bicycle Industry racked up over $6.1-Billion dollars in retail sales for 2012- almost $2.5-Billion in parts and accessories alone, according to Bicycle Retailer industry news. Of the new bike sales, 60% were for on-road use with 1 in 4 being a bike designated as a “commuter”- over 600,000. This puts a lot of rubber on the road, year after year, taking riders to work and on errands. 

A major trend in the worldwide bicycles market is the surging demand for Electric Bikes or e-bikes that is bolstering sales in the overall bicycles market. According to a new report from Navigant Research, worldwide sales of e-bikes will grow slowly but steadily through the remainder of this decade, growing from 30.6 million units annually in 2013 to 37.9 million units in 2020.


In 2012 alone, over 2.6 million non-powered bicycles were sold in the US. Current non-powered bicycle owners would be able to convert their existing bicycle to a pneumatic-assist without incurring the high cost and weight of electrification.

The weight of the 2ndwind™ Ultra-Lite Pedal Assist (ULPA) system is a fraction of an electric motor while the power supplied can be orders of magnitude higher. In addition, the weight of an e-bike battery and motor is typically in excess of 30lbs, while the carbon fiber  air-tank is less than 2lbs. Further, 2ndwind™ Ultra-Lite Pedal Assist (ULPA) can sustain a given power output longer than an e-bike.

Additionally, One of the fastest growing markets in cycling is mountain biking, with mountain bikes representing about 25% of all bicycles sold in the year 2012. Due to the nature of the activity, the weight added to a mountain bike has significant consequences, and exposure to mud and water is more than in other branches of recreational cycling. Therefore, there are no viable power-assist options for mountain biking. 2ndwind™ Ultra-Lite Pedal Assist (ULPA) is expected to be the first viable solution for this market and thus can capture a majority share in it.