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The community that NuAira belongs to and surrounds us is made up of many expanding populations. You are part of our community; We are part of the cycling community; All of us are part of our local community; And, every one of us is part of the global community.

NuAira is striving to find the best fit within each of these communities, to provide the best products, and ensure we affect positive change. For several months we have been looking at research provide by you and through outside agencies, summarizing the data and creating a roadmap.

We wanted to share this information and ask for your feedback. Help us make all of our communities a better place.

Getting a second wind: Bicycles as transportation

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For much of the 20th Century in the US bicycles were used for primary transportation- commuting and errands, before being supplanted by the car. In many global markets, bicycles are still dominant. The introduction of the 2ndwind™ Ultra-Lite Pedal Assist (ULPA) provides a low-cost and viable option for a growing number of people to rediscover the power of the bicycle and its many benefits including health, environmental and economic.

The recent American Community Survey finds bicycle usage from 2000-2011 has increased 47% as a National average in the US, with Bicycle-Friendly Communities (BFC), such as Portland, Minneapolis and Washington DC, seeing an 80% growth in ridership. Additionally, bike-share programs that cater to short trips in urban centers, like the NYC CitiBike program, has accumulated over 3.5-Million miles in 5 months of operation. Similar programs exist throughout the major cities of the US.


To grow these numbers even more, the barriers of distance and effort need to be overcome, allowing more commuters to transition to bicycle commuting. The first pedal is usually the hardest, so providing solutions that ease the transition into the exercise greatly increase its regular adoption and enjoyment.


The invention of the 2ndwind™ ULPA provides the solution, greatly reducing the amount of effort required and slashing the amount of commuting time. The pneumatically-powered system adds only about 1kg to the total bicycle weight, but packs a serious amount of power.


Hills that were once barriers to first-time riders taking on their commute via bicycle are no longer a concern. Those that combine bicycle commuting with the subway, bus or train can easily load their 2ndwind™ ULPA power-assisted bicycle. Commuters who opt for a moped or electric scooter are typically barred from public transportation. Not to mention the much lighter weight of the 2ndwind™ ULPA versus a 60+lb electric bicycle, and being able to actually lift it or carry it up stairs.

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The 2ndwind™ ULPA is easily fitted to any bike, new or used, allowing the rider to find the best bike for them. Not forcing the rider to purchase a new bike hurdles over the barriers facing expensive, one-design-fits-all electric bicycles. The Bicycling Community is based upon a spirit of inclusion, no matter your background, gender, socioeconomic status or type of bike, we include all riders. NuAira adopted this same spirit when designing the 2ndwind™ ULPA.

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We would have loved to create a bespoke bicycle that integrated the air supply into the frame, revolutionized the drivetrain with novel carbon components, and mounted the ULPA hub within a custom rim- but that would have excluded all riders that currently own a bike they love, in the color they want, with the accessories they need. So we decided to make it as close to universal-fit as possible.


Actually, the 2ndwind™ ULPA is so inclusive, you can even mount one on your electric bicycle to help motivate it when the battery dies and you need to pedal a 60-lb bike uphill.


We keep the spokes traditional, used sealed bearings for longevity and designed versions for traditional and disc brakes. The hub can be easily laced into any sized wheel so you don't need a new 29er or tubeless rim, and almost any type- steel, aluminum or carbon construction. Inital offerings will probably be standardized on 32-spoke holes for strength and durability, but other lightweight versions will follow.


The amount of assist is also adjustable, allowing the rider to attain the balance of fitness and effort they desire with the 2ndwind™ ULPA. Commuting during the week can be easy breezy with the pedal assist turned up, while a conditioning ride on the weekend can be completed with little or no assist. The design and integration of the 2ndwind™ ULPA ensures the bicycle dynamics and weight distribution of your bike are also maintained, ensuring the pureness of the riding experience.


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$6000 AND 50 POUNDS!

We love Specialized and their new TURBO model- really, we do. In the US they recently introduced the $6000 electric bike that weighs 50-lbs, but gives commuters an option.  It's not just the extremely high cost and weight that makes selling a 1-kg power assist very easy, but the fact that you can only get a red, non-suspension, hybrid-type bike. No option for women, suspension or even full fenders. Seems a little Marxist.


The 2ndwind™ Ultra-Lite Pedal Assist (ULPA) is easily installed on the bike that you currently love, and can be transferred to a new bike some day. The 2ndwind™ ULPA gives you the option of riding unassisted or using an internal-gear drivetrain like the Shimano Nexus or NuVinci CVT. Accomadating all types of bikes and riding types are what we are about.


 The 2ndwind™ Ultra-Lite Pedal Assist (ULPA) has another large benefit over the competition. One of the fastest growing markets in cycling is mountain biking. Due to the nature of the activity, the weight added to a mountain bike has significant consequences, and exposure to mud and water is more than in other branches of recreational cycling. Therefore, there are no viable power-assist options for mountain biking. 2ndwind™ ULPA is expected to be the first viable solution for this market and thus can capture a majority share in it.

The 2ndwind™ ULPA is easily installed in the front wheel, rear wheel or both wheels of your mountain bike. Installing the 2ndwind™ ULPA system in both wheels puts you in COMMAND of ultimate power and maneuverability.

Installing the 2ndwind™ ULPA in the front wheel gives your bike two-wheel drive. Imagine being able to place your front wheel on top of an obstacle, hit the power assist button, and have the front wheel drag you up and over. A rear-mounted 2ndwind™ ULPA gives you TURBO BOOST to power through mud or fly over jumps. No more worries about ratcheting pedals or being caught off-footed before a section of challenging terrain.

The 2ndwind™ Ultra-Lite Pedal Assist (ULPA) provides ENHANCE RIDING.