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your power boosted.

NuAira’s 2ndwind™ is a patent-pending, novel propulsion system for micro-transportation vehicles using energy dense and highly efficient ultra-pneumatics (high-pressure compressed air). The design conceptualized for a bicycle is a pedaling-assist system mounted within the wheel hub and allows the rider to achieve and maintain a higher average speed or to surmount obstacles. The wheel-centric design breaks the weight/performance paradigm by achieving an ultra-light, yet powerful propulsion mechanism with incredible performance.

The 2ndwind™ can be mounted in the front, rear or both wheels It can be used only when needed to gain speed or can provide a consistent pedal-assisting force. An existing bicycle can be easily converted to the 2ndwind™ pneumatic pedal-assist, so no need to buy a new or fugly bike to boost your power.

But how does it work?


On the advise of our lawyers, we have been restricted from explaining how it works until through the patent process. However, the diagram below explains it simply and thoroughly.



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  • Lightweight & Weatherproof Powered Pedal-Assist Conversion for YOUR bike
  • System converts any bicycle to powered pedal-assist with up to 300W & only adds 2-lbs versus over 15-lbs for. e-bikes & ICE conversions
  • Patent-pending Pneumatic Wheel Hub Motor
  • Novel propulsion system using energy dense and highly efficient ultra-pneumatics (4500psi high-pressure air) with carbon fiber tank
  • No Parasitic “Generator” Drag
  • Pedaling with less effort! Why drive an electric motor “backwards” when you don’t need to?
  • Better Energy Concept = Next Big Thing
  • Independent research forecasts 21-Million unit growth in power-assisted bicycles over the next 3-years worldwide
  • Urban Commuting, Off-road or Just for FUN!
  • No barriers to cross-functional uses and adoption